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About us

Web hosting with personality.

Who are we, and why should you trust a company with a blue gator for a mascot? 'Cause we've got power and scalability, baby.
Read on, friend.

It's in our DNA.

We were hatched for hosting.

Web hosting knowledge is in our bones, and we've been excelling at it since the early days of the interwebs. Since then, we've expanded internationally because of our commitment to helping people around the globe build their site their way.

Our goal is this — to make a successful web presence possible for anyone through scalable solutions & expert support. All with a healthy dose of humor, mind you.

Web pros.

But not the annoying kind.

Customers love learning from us because we talk to them like humans, not robots. Imagine that.

Our people skills don't diminish our tech skills though. We're experts in marketing, email, SEO, and a bunch of other nerdy-but-useful things too. Since we started small and grew big, we know how to help others do the same. Beginners or pros — we welcome them all. That's why we're where pros come to host, and where newbs grow the most.

Our tale

began long ago...

2002 to be exact. Two decades and 2.5+ million websites later, our mascot Snappy is still repping the HostGator brand and all it stands for.

What exactly do we stand for? Expertise. Flexibility. Freedom. Reliability. Support. And an appreciation for quirk. But don't let our yappin' be all that convinces you. Our customers speak for themselve.

We believe in building however the heck you want.

Our support knows
no boundaries.

Our therapist would try to convince us that healthy boundaries are a good thing, but meh, that seems boring. How about instead we make ourselves available at all hours of the day or night, and not limit help to our home country? Cool. Works for us.

Texas raised

Our Austin & Houston communities truly embrace our weirdness.

We host worldwide

From India to South Africa, we really are trusted by customers the world over.

24/7/365 support

When we say available to help at any time, we mean any. friggin. time.

We've got approximately 7 bajillion resources for you to choose from when it comes to getting answers. That includes blog posts, KnowledgeBase articles, YouTube tutorials, Facebook communities, and regular webinars. Sheesh, take a breather why don't we? Safe to say we don't leave ya hangin'.

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