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  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Automatic Backup
  • On Demand
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  • Full Website
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  • CG - Professional
  • CG - Premium
  • CG - Enterprise

Technical Specifications

Web Hosting Features

Full Website Backup

  • CodeGuard takes a backup of all the files in your hosting package.
  • Your databases are also fully backed up by CodeGuard.
  • A data is fully encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption.
Free With Each Hosting Plan

Full Automated

  • CodeGuard monitors your website for changes and automatically backs up the changes on your website.
  • You are also notified by CodeGuard when there are additions, modification and deletions of your files.
Web Hosting Features

Restore your Site

  • CodeGuard allows you to restore your entire website from any previously created snapshot.
  • You can also choose to restore individual files from a screenshot.
  • Database restores are made easy so that you can recover from database corruption issues.
Free With Each Hosting Plan

Lightweight and Secure

  • CodeGuard reduces your load on your hosting package by determining what has changed and only backing up the changes.
  • With automated notifications, you will be notified when files on your website have changed, helping you protect your website from unauthorized modifications.