Optimize your website with A/B testing

‘Website optimization’ is one of the top buzzwords of the digital age and for different businesses, it means different things. An online store usually tries to increase the e-commerce conversion %age to improve the revenue. On the other hand, a blogger attempts to increase the ‘average time on page’ for his/her blog. Therefore, it is important to understand the objective of your website before you start thinking about optimization.

What are backlinks and why are they important for SEO?

Aiming for your website/blog to rank among the top few search results? You’re not the only one. There is a limited number of results on the first search engine results page – 10 to be precise. On top of that, Google and other major search engines frequently change their algorithms, therefore making it necessary for the website owners to continuously refine their SEO strategy.

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

The digital revolution brought about a change in the way consumers interact with a brand. As consumers started spending more time on the internet, businesses started focusing on their online presence. Consumers today want to be heard and need their questions answered – ASAP. This led to websites offering an option to the consumers to voice their queries by introducing a contact form. It is a brand’s way of saying, “We are listening to you.”

Why We Love Cloud Hosting (And You Should, Too)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has several advantages over traditional web hosting and is the buzzword that’s increasingly gaining prominence. Below, we discuss why we love cloud hosting, and you should, too.

What is Cloud Hosting?
The cloud is a network of servers housed in warehouses across several geographic locations. It refers to many servers (connected through the Internet) that are available for use as part of a service.

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