Setting Up Your Own Server – A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever thought of keeping your data in a place where you could access it easily without it crowding your phone or laptop with just an internet connection at your service? If yes, then a personalised server is the answer to all questions. Setting up your own server is simple and can help you store any type of files viz. Photos, music, documents etc. which you can then easily share with people. Depending on the size of your files you plan on storing your server speed would vary, however, you wouldn’t want a slow server would you? So let us see what all you need and how to make your own server.

Demystifying the Myths Surrounding Cloud

Choosing the right web hosting for your online business goes a long way in determining its success. The reason is simple, web hosting impacts the way your customers perceive your website; a slow-loading website gives a negative impression, whereas, if it loads within a couple of seconds, then it is deemed to be positive. Well, speed is one factor out of the many, and it all depends on the kind of hosting you choose for your business website. 

Cloud is the one word that has been around for quite some time now. Prior to its existence in the tech world, all cloud meant was a white fuzzy thing floating in the sky. But thanks to technological advancement, Cloud these days even refers to a type of virtual storage entity. Added to that, Cloud Hosting is a prominent hosting type based on the functionality of Cloud. In fact, according to Statista as of 2018, there are 3.6 billion people who are accessing cloud computing services globally as opposed to 2.4 billion in 2013. However, despite the high number of people using the cloud, there are still several myths surrounding it.

Embracing Change – Welcome the New HostGator Avatar

Embracing Change - Welcome the New HostGator Avatar

HostGator has been a brand that has been contemporary since its inception – be it in our communication style, our designs and even our mascot – Snappy. We’ve also been known to never settle for anything which is why, as a business, we push to always stay relevant and current. For any brand to avoid risking obsolescence, evolution is important. For HostGator, the time for change is now. We’ve been in the web hosting business for 15 years and have for months toyed with the idea of visual identity redesign to align our brand with the positioning and value it stands for.

4 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

The digital landscape is rapidly expanding in India. This is signified by the proliferation of varied online platforms and an exponential increase in their traffic. Due to these evolving dynamics, websites require hosting plans which allow them to conduct their operations with speed, flexibility, and adequate security.

For most startups, shared hosting plans are ideal as they are low-cost and beginner-friendly. However, shared hosting platforms typically offer limited resources as the server is shared among multiple websites. The lack of dedicated resources causes your site to slow down during heavy traffic, and thereby compromise the potential of your business. While killing time is not yet a legal crime, people don’t prefer to do it on sluggish websites. Now, as a business, you would never want a technical glitch to hamper the chances of your success!