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 A Website is your Identity over the Internet. Host In India is a promise; a promise offering the best value for money, top class infrastructure and a truly Localized purchase experience

The pillars that make Host In India

  • Localized India hosting
  • Local currency transactions
  • Local payment gateways
  • Local language support
  • Local Storefront
Need for Speed

Speed Matters

We have tied up with GPX, a tier 4 Datacenter in India. Local hosting means 30x lesser latency than if hosted internationally. Hosting locally means minimal lag and quicker load times. Well, that scores a major point over any other feature. Still wondering Why Should you Host your Website in India, Know More

Bang for the Buck

Money Matters

With Indian hosting you can expect to "get more than what you pay for". Local currency transactions (INR) ensure no impact of foreign exchange rate changes. Local payment gateways. Partnered with PayTM, India's larget mobile commerce platform for this initiative. The partnership aims at leveraging Paytm's Wallet and Payment Gateway services for ease and convenience

roximity means better relationship

Relationship Matters

Local language support. Our support staff is trained to assist in your language and as per your preference. We are also working towards building a local language storefront to offer you truly local product experience.

we are your partner

Leveraging its Global reputation and expertise HostGator has now become a true Host-In-India brand.
Lets look at them again...

Localized geo-hosting (GPX)

Local Currency, Local Payments

24/7 Local Support - There for You

Support Govt’s initiatives

With every purchase of a hosting product under HOST IN INDIA, get a .भारत domain at no cost.
Get It Now

When it comes to Website there is no One-Size-Fits-All. So we build solutions to suit your evolving needs.

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