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No Cost EMI for Buying Hostgator Hosting

What is No Cost EMI?
No Cost EMI is a payment option which enables you to pay for your product in monthly installments with no-additional interest being charged. Hence, you pay only the total price of your product without any interest charges. The total order value will be blocked on your credit card. The EMI amount is calculated based on the tenure duration selected. While the bank will charge an interest on the EMI, we will make sure to discount your invoice by the same amount.
This way you can enjoy the benefits of discounted pricing we give for purchases of longer tenures without the pressure of paying a large amount all at once and without having to pay any additional cost of interest.
How is No Cost EMI Calculated?
Consider a VPS Product of order value = INR 60,000
Interest payable to the bank at 15% for 3 months EMI tenure = INR 1,506
This interest amount of INR 1,506 will be given to you as an instant discount.
Month Monthly Installment Amount (INR)
1st Month 20,000
2nd Month 20,000
3rd Month 20,000
Total Amount Paid after 3 months 60,000

Hence, you pay for the total amount for your product with easy installments without any additional charges!

How can I avail a no cost EMI option for my hosting?
No cost EMI payment option can be availed under the following scenarios:
  • No Cost EMI will be offered on Shared Hosting (> 3 years tenure), VPS / Dedicated Servers (> 1 year tenure) .
  • Minimum order value of INR 5,500.
  • You can choose from the following EMI tenures for No Cost EMI: for 3,6,9 months
  • For 12 & 24 months EMI, you will be charged additional interest on the total amount, depending upon your bank.
  • This option is available for new order purchases or renewal of an existing order.
  • The no cost EMI option is available for Indian resident customers only.
  • EMI Option is available for Credit Card users only. (Offer not applicable on SBI)
In case you want to avail the no cost EMI option for payment, please reach out to our Sales Team.
FAQs on No Cost EMI on Hosting
What is an EMI?
EMI is a payment option where you can pay for your product over easy-monthly installments. Usually, an interest rate is charged over the total product order value. In case of no cost EMI, we waive off the interest as a discount, and you only pay the total order value over the tenure duration.
Why can’t I see no cost EMI options for all products on the website?
Can I get no cost EMI option while renewing my order?
Can I combine discount coupons along with no cost EMI option?
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