Debunking Common Myths About Shared Hosting 

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When determining a web hosting solution to take websites online for the first time, many businesses face the challenge of choosing the right web hosting service.    

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Debunking The Myths About Dedicated Server Hosting

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Let’s say you’ve owned a successful website for a while, and now, the traffic is really starting to go high. Or maybe you’re starting an entirely new website, but it’s a huge website with lots of media-rich content. You expect traffic to pick up pretty quickly too. In these circumstances, you’ll usually end up looking for Dedicated Hosting plans.

Dedicated Hosting has the capacity to cater to high traffic and can increase the performance of your website significantly. And even if traffic isn’t a concern at the moment, you’ll need the resources of a Dedicated Server to power heavy websites smoothly. That’s one of the reasons why most, if not all, of the popular websites, run on Dedicated Hosting Servers. 

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is a type of website hosting method where all the resources of a server are entirely and exclusively dedicated to a single website. In all other forms of hosting, the resources of the server are shared in one form or another. 

However, with Dedicated Hosting, there is absolutely no sharing of any resources or storage. This is what makes Dedicated Hosting a powerful hosting method

Unfortunately, rumours about Dedicated Hosting are aplenty, especially on the internet. These are myths that have been propagated over the years. This article takes a look at some of the more infamous myths about Dedicated Hosting and explains why they’re wrong. 

Myths on Dedicated Server Hosting

Myth 1: Dedicated Servers cannot be deployed instantly

Clarification: This is one of the more common myths that you’ll find online; people claiming, for whatever reason, that deploying an entire server instantly isn’t possible and that it’ll take time. They’re wrong. 

The fact is that most companies have servers that are pre-configured for quick provisioning. Depending on the type of hosting plan that sells the most, companies configure their server well in advance. 

Web hosting companies, at least the good ones, will always have all types of plans ready for provisioning. In fact, HostGator India guarantees instant server provisioning with our Dedicated Hosting plans.

So, as long as you make sure that you stick to a reputed web hosting company, the time taken to provision a server for you will be so little that it’ll be irrelevant. 

Myth 2: Dedicated Hosting Servers cannot be scaled

Clarification: While it’s wrong, there’s actually a tangent of logic to this myth. 

So, let’s say you have a Dedicated Server and you’ve run out of storage. So, you ask your hosting company to allocate more storage. They’ll usually just add hard disks or SSDs to the server. However, this can only be done for so long. As you keep adding more storage to a fixed amount of CPU cores, performance will go down. 

So, you’ve hit a peak for scalability, right? No, not really. 

This argument only takes vertical scaling into account. Vertical scaling is when you add resources like RAM or storage to an existing server. The room for scalability is limited here, yes. 

However, there’s another method of scaling called horizontal scaling. Here, instead of adding resources to an existing server, a whole new server is connected to your server. This can be done again and again. There’s no cap to it. So, scalability isn’t a problem with Dedicated Hosting.

That being said, it’s important to understand that most websites will not need scaling with Dedicated Hosting in the first place. A Dedicated Server is usually more than enough for most websites. The probability of you needing more resources is quite low, to begin with. However, if you do need it, it can be done quite easily. 

Myth 3: Dedicated Servers are difficult to manage

Clarification: This is true for a layman. Shared Hosting is designed so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can manage it with relative ease. That’s not how Dedicated Hosting is designed. That’s usually because Dedicated Servers are usually bought by people who’ve been in the hosting world for a long time. 

That being said, if you’re not an expert on hosting and don’t want to hire a third party expert, you might think you’re in trouble. You’re not. Most web hosting companies now offer Managed Dedicated Hosting

The hosting company will take care of the server-side responsibilities. You’ll have to pay marginally more, of course. But you don’t have to worry about the server at all. Experts at the hosting company will take care of the server-side maintenance entirely. 

Myth 4: Dedicated Servers and VPS are the same

Clarification: This is just a lie; VPS and Dedicated Servers are completely different platforms. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it’s a type of hosting where customers can get Dedicated Hosting-like features at a lower cost. It’s done by sharing the resources of a server and allotting them to a website. Customers cannot get the sheer amount of resources that Dedicated Hosting offers. 

If you really need Dedicated Hosting, VPS will simply not be enough for you. While it’s a brilliant way to host a website, it cannot handle high traffic with the same ease as Dedicated Hosting.

Myth 5: You lose control of your data on a Dedicated Server

Clarification: The legal ramifications for a hosting company if they’re found to be spying on their clients’ data is huge. Over the years, there hasn’t been a single significant case of a hosting company looking at client data. 

This claim simply doesn’t have any historical backing. It’s a theoretical problem. In actuality, it’s not something that happens. There are a whole range of technical problems and if they do get caught, the company will simply have to shut down. And that’ll only still be the tip of the iceberg of problems for them.

Myth 6: Dedicated Servers are expensive

Clarification: This is true. Dedicated Hosting is probably the most expensive type of web hosting solution there is. However, it’s also the only type of plan that’ll work for websites with huge traffic. Also, when you consider hosting websites privately, Dedicated Hosting will start to seem extraordinarily economical and cost-effective. 

If you want to host a website privately, you will need to pay for the hardware and for someone to set it up. You will need to take control of the security, maintenance, backup, recovery, and so much more. 

When you peg Dedicated Hosting against private hosting, you’ll see that Dedicated Hosting actually saves you money. 


Dedicated Hosting is the most powerful web hosting solution. It can power heavy websites with loads of traffic with ease. Most myths that you read online are just that — myths. 

If you’re looking to purchase a Dedicated Hosting plan, check out the plans offered by HostGator India. We provide Dedicated Hosting plans with instant server provisioning, fully managed support, 24×7 customer service, advanced security, state-of-the-art server hardware and much more! 

To know more, contact us today!

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