6 Reasons Why E-commerce Websites Should Opt for Cloud Hosting

| 4 minutes Read
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E-commerce has changed the way customers and businesses interact. With more and more customers turning to e-commerce for basic to luxury shopping, the need to provide easy, effective and secure e-commerce solutions is at its peak. Cloud Hosting for e-commerce is one such solution that brings in multiple advantages for both businesses and customers. It provides a scalable and sustainable framework for e-commerce websites that ensures growth and profitability. 

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Journey of Flipkart – A Successful E-commerce

| 1 minute Read

From selling books out of a 2 Bedroom flat to making 8 million shipments/month, Flipkart has grown to become one of the most successful e-commerce websites in India. They’ve constantly evolved over the years and have become market favorites. Here’s an Infographic from Indian Biz Party, showing Flipkart’s special journey.

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