Why does your Business need a Blog?

The world around us is changing and at a pace that is nothing short of scary. The Darwinian principle is more applicable to world of business than it has ever been. Everyone is scurrying to be different, to be ahead of the curve trying to figure out a way to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back. Cheap tricks don’t work anymore, price is no longer an advantage, your competition will run the same discounts if not better when you run them. So what do you do? how do you survive? the answer is by adding value to your customer. Marketing geniuses have said, “people don’t buy products, they buy value”. This theory is proven exponentially accurate in today’s times, customers prefer companies that can add value to them not just by the products they sell but by giving more than that, by sharing insights, knowledge, tips and tricks and making life a little more easier for them. Content marketing is the new sales tool used by every big company to add this value to it’s customers. And when it comes to content marketing the biggest weapon a business has is it’s blog. It feeds in to your Social Media efforts and opens an amazing line of communication with your customers. Below is a list of our top reasons why your business needs a blog:

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