5 Startups to watch out for in 2017

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 by HostGator India

5 Startups to watch out for in 2017
Once in our lifetime, we all get that ‘eureka’ moment. Some of them let it pass and continue with their mundane 9 to 5 because it’s ‘oh-so-comfortable’. But some of them go after it with all they’ve got because staying in their comfort zone is not really their thing. These are the kind of people that eventually win over our trust and build successful startups.
Here are stories of five successful startups that evolved from a eureka moment.

Maid: A smart oven that will cook for you & prompt you to workout
Maid, a multifunctional oven created by Sabarish Prakash and his friends makes cooking a lot easier and fun. It consists of a recipe database, connected via Wi-Fi. The product can be controlled via voice, touch or gesture. It also has a personalisation engine that can learn a user’s cooking habits and calorie needs and suggest recipes based on them. What is its most unique feature, you may ask? It prompts you to workout or go for a walk based on the calories you consumed.

Staqu – (AI) driven solution for ecommerce companies
Staqu, a Gurugram based company that recently received funding from Indian Angel Network in June, is all set to hit the big league in India. With the concept of simplifying the online search for customers, Staqu helps users search for products using images rather than words. “70% of all online data comprises of visuals, so if a user is looking for a particular print, she should be able to upload a picture and find similar products,” says Atul Rai, the founder of Staqu. This application can be easily integrated into the search technology of e-commerce companies.

FreshMenu – Online food delivery
Why travel places to relish your favourite cuisine, when this new Indian food-tech startup brings you a daily-changing international menu? That’s right! FreshMenu, a Bengaluru-based startup, brings chef made meals, inspired by cuisines from across the world. Founder Rashmi Dagga, an IIM-A alumnus who set up the company in 2014, says the company registered 3x growth in the number of orders in 2016. Backed by LightSpeed Ventures and Zodius Capital, the company plans to increase its product catalogue as well as expand to Hyderabad and Pune.

Myra – Online Pharmacy
With the idea to create a positive impact on the lives of people who are ill, old or who need access to Medicare, this online pharmacy delivers medicines at home in an hour. Since its inception in 2016, Myra has managed to build a client base of about 10,000 customers in Bengaluru.

Trupay – Make and accept payments without the help of a computer or a smartphone
Being one of the first few companies in India to offer Immediate Payment Service (IMPS), Trupay stands out as a convenient solution for all payment needs. The application plans to make life easier by combining modern technology and user interface design. Founded by Rahul Gochhwal, Narender Kumar, Vivek Lohcheb, Trupay’s unique concept is to eliminate the intermediaries between you and your bank by integrating the app through UPI.

If we’ve missed out on any successful startups stories that you know of, please do share them with us in the comments below.

Browsing A Safer Web: A Google Update

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 by HostGator India

A new ecommerce site shows up and the first thing it needs to do is assure users that it’s safe to transact. Online shoppers (for obvious reasons), are super weary of transacting with new/unheard websites. To address this, every ecommerce site places tags/padlocks and other information to assure their customers that shopping here is safe. But is it?

A couple weeks ago, Google announced that it’s going pick up the tab to make browsing a whole lot safer. It implemented a new update to Chrome that actively marks a website as ‘Secure’ or ‘Not Secure’, as the case may be. Chrome does this by checking if a website that collects passwords or financial information is using HTTPS connection or just plain HTTP. If the connection is not over HTTPS then the site is tagged as ‘Not Secure’. Simple, yet effective.

Data acquired by Google suggests that over 50% of all desktop page loads are now served over HTTPS. This means more than half the web has been secured using SSL certificates. Google plans on pushing further updates to this and label pages as ‘Not Secure’ even while browsing in Incognito Mode.

This is a huge step towards securing the web in our opinion and we totally support creating a safer web. We suggest that if you’re an ecommerce website or if your users are required to sign up on you site, you go ahead and get yourself a SSL certificate asap and let your users know that you’ve got them covered.

We’ve even created this quick checklist for you to get moving.
1. Get SSL
2. Generate Private/Public Key
3. Enroll your certificate with the provider
4. Upload it
5. Install it

That’s it! Easy Peasy isn’t it.

Introducing “Cloud Hosting” on HostGator

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 by HostGator India

Here at HostGator, the word “unlimited” just expanded in scope. In keeping with our goal to always provide the best service and products in the industry, it is with great pleasure that we now introduce our new cloud hosting platform.

We are able to offer our customers increased reliability, scalability and performance while still giving them full access to the cPanel features they know and love, in the cloud! Built on pooled compute and storage resources with features that allow us to respond quickly and easily to any hardware issues that arise, our cloud platform also includes a fully-redundant storage array with three copies of your data mirrored to ensure optimum data integrity.

Our new cloud platform natively integrates automatic caching of static content to ensure lightning-fast page load speeds. If more compute resources are needed to serve up the dynamic content, a click of a button can scale up to 8 cores and 8GB RAM via the Server Performance Dashboard. This is up to 4x more than what some competitors offers.

In addition, customers now have access to an Intuitive Performance Dashboard which provides real time metrics on page download speed, server uptime, visitor information, and resource utilization.

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All of the features of our classic Baby, Hatchling and Business plans are also included in the cloud packages, with the additional benefits outlined above. Transferring from Shared to Cloud is snap, simply contact our team to assist with the transfer after the order is purchased.


Hatchling Cloud

Allows you to host a single domain, while maintaining the unlimited sub and park domain capabilities enjoyed by the classed Shared Hatchling. Dual core CPU unit and 2 GB of RAM are available, with unmetered bandwidth and unmetered storage.

Baby Cloud

Hosting for unlimited domains, along with an increase in CPU (up to quad core), and 4 GB of RAM. Bandwidth and storage are both unmetered.

Business Cloud

Maintains the unlimited domains, addon domains and parked domains, while increasing the CPU up to 6 cores, with 6 GB of RAM. A private SSL is also included for eCommerce purposes. All of the plans include fully integrated local caching.

We’re very pleased to be launching your websites into the cloud! If you have any questions about the new product, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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It May Be Time for a Site Redesign If…

Friday, February 5th, 2016 by HostGator India


Your business doesn’t need an identity crisis or a re-branding moment to earn a slick new redesign.

In fact, chances are your company’s website is due for a makeover. (Who doesn’t want a little face-lift?)

Here are 5 worthy reasons to (at least partially) redo your site:

1. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly. If your site isn’t device-friendly, you needed a redesign last year. Internet usage on mobile has long surpassed that of desktops, so this is a big one! Unsure if your site is optimized for mobile? See if it passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

2. You’re adding new functionality (or killing old ones). Things like an opt-in box, blog, and e-commerce call for a redesign to ensure that everything flows seamlessly throughout the site. Likewise, some social buttons or “trendy” widgets can make your site look dated. A simple redesign to clean up obsolete tools is never a bad idea.

3. Your site is hard to update. Especially if you need a developer to add new content (and Google loves content!), what you really need is a site platform with an easy-to-use content management system. WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! are good places to start.

4. Your site isn’t converting. Is Google Analytics telling you you’re losing visitors? It could be that your homepage is slow to load, or that your customers aren’t finding what they need immediately. A redesign with clearer, stronger calls to action could improve both your bounce rate and your sales.

5. Ask your customers for feedback. Are they able to find everything they need fast? Do they have any suggestions or think you’re missing any features?

6. Your competitors’ sites are awesome in comparison. Your biz definitely doesn’t take a backseat to the rest of the market — neither should your site.

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