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Linux Shared Hosting has become an increasingly popular option for websites and web applications. Its open-source architecture, security features, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness offer many advantages over other hosting platforms like Windows. 

In this blog, we’ll explore what Linux-shared web hosting is, its key benefits, and why many webmasters prefer it.

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux Shared Hosting refers to a web hosting setup where multiple accounts share space on a server that runs on the Linux OS. The hosting provider manages the server and allocates resources like disk space, memory, and CPU to different accounts.

Most hosting providers use a Linux-shared server because of its open architecture, stability, and security.

Key Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting

1. Open Source Software

One of the biggest benefits of Linux Shared Hosting is that it is based on open-source software. The Linux operating system is open source, which means the code is open for anyone to view, modify, and distribute. Most of the components in a Linux server, like Apache web server, PHP, Python, etc, are also open-source software.

This provides a high level of flexibility and transparency. Developers can easily customize the environment as per their application’s needs.

2. High Stability and Uptime

Linux servers are known to be extremely stable. They can run for years without needing to reboot or restart. The modular architecture ensures applications don’t interfere with each other and the OS. Linux is designed to handle multiple tasks and large workloads efficiently.

This translates to high uptime and reliability for hosted sites. Leading Linux Shared Hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime for websites. The stability of Linux also results in better performance compared to other platforms.

3. Enhanced Security

Linux is inherently more secure than proprietary operating systems. Its open-source nature means the code is continuously vetted by developers globally. Any vulnerabilities are quickly spotted and patched.

The permissions system in Linux also enhances security by allowing tight control over access to files and resources. Malware and virus threats are rare in Linux environments compared to Windows.

4. Cost Savings

Linux Shared Hosting provides a cost-effective solution for small businesses to get online. As an open-source platform, Linux is free to use. Web hosts incur minimal costs in terms of licensing and OS management.

These savings get passed on to customers through affordable Linux Shared Hosting plans. Shared hosting on a Linux environment allows even startups on a small budget to benefit from Linux servers’ power, stability, and flexibility.

5. Supports Multiple Technologies and Programming Languages

Linux has a highly modular architecture and supports many technologies and programming languages. Popular scripting languages like PHP, Python, and Perl run seamlessly on Linux.

It can work with relational databases like MySQL and MongoDB. You can choose the tools to build your web application without being limited by the underlying OS.

6. Ease of Use

While Linux platforms like Ubuntu have made the OS more accessible, the command line interface can still be intimidating for beginners. Fortunately, most shared hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk provide an intuitive graphical interface to manage the hosting account.

Customers don’t need specialized Linux skills and can carry out most common hosting tasks like creating email accounts, installing applications, etc, easily through the control panel. Automation also simplifies website administration.

7. Flexible and Customisable Environment

With Linux Shared Hosting, you get full access to modify the web server environment per your specific needs. You can configure Apache settings, install additional software, customize PHP settings, etc.

The open and modular architecture means you can tweak the environment to optimize the performance of your web apps. It provides developers with a highly flexible playground to build and deploy applications.

8. Wide Choice of Hosting Providers

Linux dominates the web hosting market. Most shared hosting providers use Linux as the underlying OS. This gives customers a range of choices when selecting the best Linux Shared Hosting provider.

The fierce competition also drives innovation and competitive pricing. Customers can easily switch between providers without expensive migrations. You can choose a provider based on price, performance, support, etc.

Why is Linux Preferred Over Windows by Most Webmasters?

While Windows hosting has merits, Linux is still the overwhelming choice for hosting websites and web apps. There are some key reasons for this preference:

  • CostLinux Shared Hosting plans are considerably cheaper than Windows hosting of equivalent configuration. The free, open-source Linux OS translates to lower costs for hosts.
  • Security – Linux is inherently more secure and does not suffer from the security issues commonly associated with Windows environments.
  • Stability – Linux has better uptime, and most servers can run for years without restarting. It handles large workloads and multiple tasks without performance degradation.
  • Flexibility – Linux allows using various scripting languages like PHP, Python, Perl, etc., which are extremely popular for web development.
  • Support – Linux has a strong developer community. Support resources like tutorials, documentation, forums, etc, are widely available.
  • Familiarity – Linux skills are common among web developers and sysadmins. Hosting companies also have expertise in managing Linux environments.

Choosing the Right Linux Shared Hosting Provider

While Linux Shared Hosting offers some great benefits, you need a reliable hosting provider to take full advantage. Here are some tips for choosing the right hosting provider:

  • Check their server infrastructure – they should use enterprise-grade servers and data centres.
  • Look for at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • See the features offered – SSD storage, free SSL, mailing services, etc.
  • Make sure they offer 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and tickets.
  • Opt for providers that have been in business for a long time and have a proven track record.
  • Compare the pricing of plans that match your requirements. Avoid very cheap hosting providers.
  • Check that they provide intuitive control panels like cPanel for ease of use.


Linux Shared Hosting offers an excellent blend of performance, flexibility, security, and affordability for hosting web applications. The open-source architecture provides a stable and customizable environment to build, deploy, and scale web apps. 

By selecting a reliable hosting provider, you can leverage the full benefits of Linux Shared Hosting for your online presence. 

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Maintenance has been completed and the services are back online . We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.



Update : 22/9/2023 8:00 PM IST

Dear Customer,

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We shall update here once we have more details.

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Dear Customer,

Please be informed that our backend Engineers are taking down the server for an emergency maintenance. The expected downtime is around 2 hours starting from 6 PM IST .

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We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.




Dear Customer,

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Dear Customer, 

Please be advised that the following Windows hosting server will be undergoing maintenance as per the schedule and reason mentioned below. 

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Maintenance Window 

Start Time: 2022-08-14 20:00:00 IST 

End Time: 2022-08-14 23:59:00 IST 

Reason: OS Upgrade to Windows 2022 

Benefits of Upgrade:

  1. TLS 1.3: Windows Server 2022 supports the latest version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, which provides stronger encryption and improved security for web traffic.

  2. IIS 10: Windows Server 2022 comes with Internet Information Services (IIS) version 10, which includes several new features and improvements, such as support for HTTP/2 and improved performance.

  3. Enhanced Security: Windows Server 2022 includes several new security features, such as secure boot, virtualization-based security, and Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), which can help protect your applications and data from threats.

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Affected Services: 

Services or Components  Expected Downtime 
File Upload (FTP)  Restricted to 12 hours before the maintenance start time 
Email Service  2 to 3 hours during the maintenance window 
Plesk Panel 
Website Service (IIS) 
Database Service 


Please feel free to contact our support helpdesk in case you have any queries. 

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