12 Web Design Blunders to Avoid

Being a web designer in todays times can be a tough task. Expectations are high and time is always against you. This makes for a perfect recipe for design blunders. In one of our previous articles, we’ve talked about tips to churn out awesome designs and we think it’s prudent we talk about things to avoid while designing a website. Also, may we point out, not only will this make your site look better but also improve customer conversions. So without wasting much of your time lets begin:

Infographic: The ROI of Great Web Design

It’s really important to understand the return on investment (ROI) for all aspects of your business. The reason is very simple, if you aren’t making money because of a certain thing, then you may be likely losing money as a result of it. Speaking of which, there is a high possibility that you’re losing out on your ROI due to a bad web design. Confused? Don’t worry, this Infographic will explain how and why Great Web Design can positively influence your ROI.

Awesome Resources for Web Designers


It’s true when they say, ‘Learning Never Stops’ and especially when you’re into creative things like Web Designing. We understand that it’s a truly excruciating process to come up with great (working) designs on an on-going basis. As a designer, you are required to stay sharp and on top of your game at all times and we know that can be really hard. So we decided to write up a list of resources that we think will help you good folks to keep churning out those awesome designs that you do. So without further adieu, we present to you, the list:

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