Keep your WordPress in check with these go to blogs

If there’s one thing better than owning and maintaining your own blog, it’s knowing all the right blogs to go to when you want to keep your WordPress up to date, in with the times and user friendly.

If you’re a web developer or an agency that tends to WP’s of various brands, you’re definitely on the lookout for new features, upgradations and interactive tools to stand out from the crowd.

5 Startups to watch out for in 2017

Once in our lifetime, we all get that ‘eureka’ moment. Some of them let it pass and continue with their mundane 9 to 5 because it’s ‘oh-so-comfortable’. But some of them go after it with all they’ve got because staying in their comfort zone is not really their thing. These are the kind of people that eventually win over our trust and build successful startups.

Introducing “Cloud Hosting” on HostGator

Here at HostGator, the word “unlimited” just expanded in scope. In keeping with our goal to always provide the best service and products in the industry, it is with great pleasure that we now introduce our new cloud hosting platform.

We are able to offer our customers increased reliability, scalability and performance while still giving them full access to the cPanel features they know and love, in the cloud! Built on pooled compute and storage resources with features that allow us to respond quickly and easily to any hardware issues that arise, our cloud platform also includes a fully-redundant storage array with three copies of your data mirrored to ensure optimum data integrity.

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