Optimize your website with A/B testing

‘Website optimization’ is one of the top buzzwords of the digital age and for different businesses, it means different things. An online store usually tries to increase the e-commerce conversion %age to improve the revenue. On the other hand, a blogger attempts to increase the ‘average time on page’ for his/her blog. Therefore, it is important to understand the objective of your website before you start thinking about optimization.

Everything about the new VPS Hosting by HostGator India

A decision about choosing a web hosting service is a critical one. While being easy on the pocket, it must support the current functionality of the website and allow for more resource-intensive applications in the future as well. You must consider the costs involved, performance and customizability before deciding on a web hosting server. There are no fixed rules for choosing a web hosting server as it is dependent on the specific requirement of the website.


Why the HostGator India Affiliate Program is Your Best Bet to Make Money From Your Website

After you’ve successfully signed up for the HostGator India Affiliate Program, you should be asking yourself the following question: How can I start making money from my website?

Why HostGator India is Your Best Bet

To start earning money from your website, you will have to think of the most viable options to monetize it. HostGator India is one of your best bets. We pay among the highest commissions in the industry, and provide all the tools necessary for you to convert your existing traffic into cash.

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