How to Import Blogger Data into WordPress

Back in the year 1999 when Blogger (earlier known as Blogspot) was introduced, it took the blogging ecosystem by storm. The free access and ease of starting a blog via Blogger was one of the many reasons why it became the most popular content management systems

Fast forward to the year 2018, the crown of the most popular Content Management Systems is now worn by WordPress. Many people who once had a blog set up in Blogger, have now moved over to the WordPress ecosystem. But how easy is it to migrate all the data from Blogger to WordPress? If you’re looking for the answer, then we have all the steps mentioned for you, right here in this article.

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Website In 2018


Did you know that WordPress powers over 27% of all websites globally? WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems because of the tons of features and flexibility it offers. Additionally, the WordPress community is always contributing to improving the ecosystem. Although WordPress is an extremely easy platform, it’s core lacks some functionalities needed to build a complete website. However, this void can be filled up by getting the ideal plugins.

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