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Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 by HostGator India

A decision about choosing a web hosting service is a critical one. While being easy on the pocket, it must support the current functionality of the website and allow for more resource-intensive applications in the future as well. You must consider the costs involved, performance and customizability before deciding on a web hosting server. There are no fixed rules for choosing a web hosting server as it is dependent on the specific requirement of the website.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS is a dedicated virtual machine which is available to users for hosting their websites and applications. Each VPS runs its own operating system and allows a root level access to webmasters. The parameters to be considered before deciding a VPS hosting service are Operating system, Server configuration, Scalability, Support and Affordability. However, the most important aspect that most users overlook is the virtualization offered. There are many types to choose from but Kernel-based Virtual Machine [KVM] is arguably the preferred choice for its isolation and security benefits.

Why choose HostGator India’s VPS Hosting?

HostGator, a global brand in web hosting, offers powerful KVM based Linux VPS hosting. It is the perfect blend of shared and dedicated hosting. It gives you full root access so you can install advanced software and customize the entire hosting environment when needed, at a lower cost than a Dedicated Server. Most websites start small but need the option to scale up at short notice. HostGator understands this need and has packaged a powerhouse of features in its offering. Here are some salient features of the VPS hosting plans:

A server with cPanel comes pre-built with an array of services like Apache Web, MySQL database, Email, FTP, and DNS servers which create a ready-to-use hosting environment. You can publish your website instantly by using the most popular programming languages like PHP, Python, PERL & Ruby on Rails. Hence, VPS hosting relieves you of all the infrastructure management hassles as HostGator manages all of its hardware & network with 99.9% uptime. The specifications of this infrastructure include cutting-edge hardware with fault-tolerant Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), Redundant rack power supply, multiple ISPs for best connectivity for all visitors and DDoS protection at no additional cost!

Here are some points you should consider before selecting a web hosting provider:
1. Uptime – all your marketing efforts can go in vain if your website is down when a prospective buyer tries to visit your site.
2. Website load time – To reduce the page load time you should select a server location which is close to your customer base. If the majority of your customers are in India, host locally to ensure minimal lag and quicker load times.
3. Scalability – As your business grows, your website traffic will increase. Hence scalability is a crucial aspect while choosing the right web host. Your web hosting provider should provide seamless upgrades to accommodate traffic spikes.
4. 24/7 Technical support – A hosting provider must resolve all critical issues with a minimum time lag. Therefore, a 24/7 technical support is a must in the fast-paced social media-driven market.

We have a dedicated team which offers 24/7 premium support to all VPS Hosting customers. Start your website risk-free with HostGator India’s 45- day Money Back Guarantee and 99.9% uptime assured.



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