10 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Website

Monday, July 17th, 2017 by HostGator India

10 Ways to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Website
Your website is a very important part of your business. It gives users a platform to learn about you, to interact with you and to make use of your services or buy your products. Keeping the user on your site requires the content to be catchy, appealing and relatable.

Let’s have a look at how you can work on content to increase the readers of your website.

1. Write an effective headline
Your headline has the power to impress your reader in the first few seconds of them visiting your site. Keep it short and precise yet bold and capable of creating curiosity. It should be enough to convey the point of the content. Catchy phrases are always a win. Brownie points if your keywords can make it into the headline.

2. Don’t overdo keywords in your content
Very often, you can annoy your readers by over using certain keywords in your content. We live in the 21st century where almost everyone who can read is aware of SEO and keyword placement. Ensure keywords enter where they fit in generally and not just to increase the number of viewers on your website.

3. Write an Author Bio
One should include an author bio in all blogs and articles. Readers can trust your content if they trust the source or the author. Name, designation and a little background helps in creating this trust between the content writer and the reader.

4. Use images and illustrations
Images help enhance your content. Readers like to have a visual representation of the content they’re reading as it can get very monotonous otherwise. Illustrations help when you’re trying to explain a process or a way of doing something.

5. Use headers and bullet points
Would you read this blog post if it weren’t split into 10 subheaders? Bullet points and sub -headings give users a very systematic and organized way of reading your content. They can also refer to it pointwise while sharing or talking about it in comments. Sub headed content always wins over long paragraphs of content.

6. Make use of writing tools
There are a number of writing tools available online that help you with your content. Examples are Grammarly and Copyscape who help you with grammar corrections and plagiarism checks respectively. You definitely don’t want to infuriate a grammar nazi who visits your site which is why it is important to keep your content in check.

7. Update your site regularly
You can retain your readers by updating your content frequently. If you lose the flow of content, your readers have the chance to find another site for the same content and with the number of competitors in every industry, it would be foolish to assume that you are irreplaceable.

8. Call to action links
Include hyperlinks to other tabs or blog posts on your site. This generates more traffic on your own pages and can increase session time on your site. It is easy to monitor traffic that comes from those clicking links through your content and hence content analysis can be done more efficiently.
9. Keep an eye on statistics
If your site has a high bounce rate, it could mean that your content isn’t good enough to keep readers glued. Keeping an eye on statistics can help guide your content and analyse its impact on your readers too. Use this information to modify your content accordingly.

10. Write shareable content
It is important that your content is considered as shareable to your target audience. Information that is relevant to current affairs, content that reminds people of their friends or family or anything that is helpful and relatable is often shared. Include social media buttons on your site so that sharing is an easy task.

In conclusion, content is king, and if your content goes hand in hand with SEO, the number of clicks on your article will eventually increase.Content Writing and SEO is a continuous process, keep learning as you go and explore newer tricks and technologies in the field. There are a number of them available online if you know how to look for them.

Further, if you have more tips and tricks to boost reader engagement, do comment and let us know.



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